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Is anyone out there drowning in clutter and density like I was?

Would you like to feel peace when you walk in the door of your home or office?

Is there a room or a place in your life that you would like to turn from confusion  

to calm?

I can gently but substantially tweak your environment to buoy you up 

instead of bring you down.

It can seem unsettling to let someone into the depths of your home and your sock

drawer.  I will inspire you in the process of transforming your space, 

compassionately,  with

no judgement,  at your pace.
And I won't make you get 
rid of all your stuff.
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I declutter homes and offices, customizing systems that will stick, reducing stress and creating peace, order, and time, so that you can begin to live the lives you want to be living and be your awesome selves.


I am also a Certified Dyslexia Specialist and have worked with many children with ADD.  I understand this frustrating challenge for adults regarding organization!


I help organize during or after various life-transitions.  I share resources for many services, and I do donation drop-off.

The process starts with a brief phone conversation and complementary in-home consultation, during which we discuss your specific needs.  My style is your style--

not one-size-fits-all.



Hi I'm Vicki McCaslin.  Twenty years BC (before children) I was an inspired artist, and my home was my canvas.  Which means I had a heck of a lot of stuff. 


I was a born organizer, but you can't outsmart the ratio of stuff to space.  After I became a harried mother of two, messy frenetic family life swept in, and eventually my cluttered surroundings drove me mad.  They seemed a reflection of my cluttered brain.  Or maybe it was the other way around...


Finally I began to minimize, and also tune in to what brings me the most pleasure.  And it transformed my whole life to finally feel good in my home and save a lot of time and energy doing it.  Nothing tickles me more than to support others in this way, and to watch them find relief and order in this crazy-paced world.  From that came

Kiss It Goodbye.

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925 360 0558

Vicki McCaslin
Kiss It Goodbye
Professional Organizing
Serving the San Francisco Bay Area
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"Vicki has a genuine ability to communicate effectively with clients and include their needs in her plan.  She has the life experience and compassion that benefits all her clients during their transitions. I would recommend her without any reservation.”  

- K.S.

"I was mostly struck by Vicki's attention to detail.  She saw things in a way that I couldn’t.  She noticed areas that could be improved. She knew how to improve them when I was stuck. It's been a year and I'm still benefiting from the transformations she made......" - -R.G.

"In the past year I have used the services of KISS IT help organize and downsize my home.  I have health issues and I live alone.  I needed someone who could evaluate my situation and then help me achieve the goal of making life easier.  It was very difficult to let someone into my cabinets and closets.  She treats you with respect.  I have recommended her to friends and I know one who needed help used Vicki and can’t thank me enough for the recommendation. Plus she is kind thoughtful and funny.”
Happy Client
- M.M.


"I am pleased to say that my experience as a client is one of mutual respect, compassion, integrity and results. Vicki offers a unique way to work with me that allows me to create a system that is in my style and empowers me. Her patience and compassion is so appreciated due to the attachment I have to my STUFF."   

- M.S.

"Before Kiss It Goodbye, I was drowning in overwhelm, stress and exhaustion due to all my clutter and the time it took to find things not to mention the money I spent purchasing things I owned but could not find. Now I feel less stressed and exhausted because I can find things easily."

 - M.S.

"What a remarkable job Vicki did for me. In our very first conversation we talked about the concept of associating my things with the joy of having them.  She got me to begin thinking about "quality of life" in terms of possessions. What really increases my quality of life, and what does not! And she was careful to prepare me for possible feelings of "grief" I might feel about parting with various items."  - B.F.